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Each wedding flower starts its long journey nurtured, cared for, and grown in a greenhouse in a far-off place.  It can take up to 10 years for a seed to grow into bloom with a stem long and durable enough for floral design. These fragile blossoms are then handpicked, individually selected, cleaned, packed, and airfreighted to us. 

This execution must be precise.  There is a great deal of science, skill, and timing that goes into grooming each flower to deliver a perfect bloom for your specific wedding date. 


Once your flower selections are received, I being my artistic process.  This is where I take all our interactions and I combine your vision and personality with the flowers and greenery to design something personal for your wedding.  Each variety of flower is prepped and processed differently to maximize their beauty for your special day. Every piece I make is designed with you in mind because like flower petals, your wedding day, is as unique as it is ephemeral. We Do Event Design wants to help you celebrate the beauty in it.  


A well-planned flower design has the power to turn an average venue into something stylish and unforgettable.  It can transcend a wedding ceremony and reception to one with a memorable character and feel.  Flowers have the ability to make your color palette and wedding theme resonate.  You can use them to create focal points, beautiful backdrops, amazing arches or spectacular tables.  Carefully placed florals and greenery will make your wedding photos and videos pop!

Image by Rudney Novaes.

Most wedding planners suggest reserving 10-15% of your overall budget to be apportioned to your flowers.  We Do Event Design works within your budget to provide the best experience possible for your investment. 

Full-service weddings: bridal party, family, ceremony and reception decor generally start at $5,000 but If you're only interested in the bridal party and family flowers, then we can work with a lower investment.

When pricing my work, I factor in three elements: time, quality, and design.  Art, passion, and personal touch go into every arrangement. 

This business is my passion I work hard to stay abreast of current trends in the flower industry, I enjoy getting to know my clients, I adore finding inspiration in bringing together flowers and greenery to make art but most of all I love getting to be a part of one of a couple’s most beautiful moments the day they were married


Image by mint photographer

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