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The Fascinating Journey of Wedding Flowers
Did you know that each wedding flower has its own unique story? It begins with its growth in a far-off greenhouse, where it can take up to ten years for a seed to mature into a beautiful, durable stem suitable for floral design. The blossoms are handpicked, delicately cleaned, and thoughtfully packaged before being airfreighted to our location. The entire process requires precision, skill, and timing to ensure that every bloom is at its best for your special day.


Once we receive your flower selections, the artistic process begins. We combine your vision and personality with the flowers and greenery to create a design that is personal to your wedding. Each variety of flower is prepped and processed differently to maximize its beauty, and every piece is designed with you in mind. Your wedding day is unique, and like flower petals, it is just as ephemeral. At We Do Event Design, we want to help you celebrate the beauty in it.


Well-planned flower designs can transform an average venue into a stylish and unforgettable backdrop. Flowers have the ability to enhance your color palette and wedding theme, creating focal points, beautiful backdrops, amazing arches or spectacular tables. Carefully placed florals and greenery will make your wedding photos and videos breathtakingly beautiful!

Most wedding planners suggest reserving 10-15 percen of your overall budget to be apportioned to your flowers.  We Do Event Design works within your budget to provide the best experience possible for your investment. 

Full-service weddings: bridal party, family, ceremony and reception decor generally start at $5,000 but If you're only interested in the bridal party and family flowers, then we can work with a lower investment.

Determining the Price of My Work
My pricing strategy is based on three key elements: time, quality, and design. Every arrangement is crafted with the utmost care, artistic passion, and a personal touch.

Passionate about My Business
As a florist, my job entails staying up-to-date with current trends in the flower industry, building relationships with clients, and taking pleasure in creating stunning arrangements that are works of art. However, what brings me the most joy is being part of a couple's most beautiful day... their wedding day..

What your custom design flowers cost could be?

Bridal Bouquet $185 - $495

Bridesmaid Bouquet $85 - $150

Boutonniere $15-$25

Corsage $25-$45

Candle centerpiece $85 - $250

Low Centerpiece $155 - $300

High Centerpiece $350 - $700

Ceremony Arch $950 - $2.500

Based on Our Client proposals in 2023

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